Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spot the whale and berg!!

Satellite gps messaging system or "spot" is our new whale and berg device!Central Tourism (DMO - (Shannon Pinsent-exec. dir.)) just started a pilot project where they have loaned us one of these high tech devices to let tourists know where to stop for whales and bergs.

If you see a whale or iceberg this summer-fall... please notify us asap pls at 268-2216 or and we will let tourism and lots of other agencies know right away where to direct tourists!!! Any where from Triton to Shoe Cove and all the 30 places in between...let us know and we'll send tourists your way! Now there are 9 other "spots" in our central region but let us see if we can spot the most whales and bergs!

Spot the whale/bergs and get the tourists!!

Cheers David

Friday, June 17, 2011

We got it!

We got it! "The world's most expensive chocolate bar" typically refers to thee one and only "Porcelana" by Amedei Chocolates of Italy. Awarded Best dark chocolate bar, Best bean to bar and the Golden bean is one of the very best bars on the planet. So you now have the ultimate KPP choices for 2011: Porcelana at $24.00 a bar, Chuao at $17.00 a bar and Toscano Black 70% at $10.00 a bar. Certainly, these are not in everyone's budget but if they are in often can you get the world's best of anything for less than $25.00?

Wishing everyone a most delicious day.

Darkly yours,

David et al.