Monday, May 18, 2009

One on One private throwing workshops!

"...No experience necessary but open to playing with mud on the pottery wheel!" As we note on our website ( ) we do offer private one on one throwing workshops. It may not be like the movie segment in "Ghost" but couples do enjoy learning to work on the wheel, making a piece, and decorating it... something that they get to keep as a momento! Yesterday we had two more adventurous types experience making a pot on the pottery wheel...they had a great time...and so did we! I'm going to try and add a video segment to this blog...for the first time so it's no Steven Speliburg movie clip but here is a random (and very unedited) segment of the throwing process from last night and a still image of the creators and their final products! Thanks to M & N (who were staying at the lovely Riverwood Inn ) for letting us take them for a spin...on the wheel!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tracy Keats, KPP Apprentice

Our King’s Point Pottery Apprentice: Tracy Keats

Tracy is from Forteau, in ‘the Straits’ of Labrador. It was there, in her hometown that she ran her own pottery for 5 years before we persuaded her to join us here on the island portion of the province. The pottery is so very very fortunate to have a multitalented artist like her assisting us in King’s Point. Tracy is a talented potter, jewellery maker (...check out her fun boot pin's in the shop), soap ( the lavender) & lip balm producer, photographer (...butterflies), wild plant expert (...labrador tea),…and that’s just the tip of the artistic iceberg! Here are just a few pieces of her fine work that we will hope will give you a hint of just why we are so thrilled to have her here in King’s Point, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. (P.S.: To see a picture of 'The Trace' please refer to the previous post.)

Friday, May 8, 2009

C'est fait!!!

The website is officially re-launched as of May 7, 2009...dancing in the streets!!! ( )Huge thanks go out to our web site person David Tilley, (and his web site is ) If anyone is thinking of doing a website or rebuilding one give him a shout and feel free to email me and we can chat much homework for you and your webmaster...LOTS to think about!!! I can't remember when we have been this excited ...not since we met in person Shelagh Rogers from CBC last November at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador's Fine Craft and Design Fair in St John's, NL. (Photo Credit: J. Laaning. From left to right, Tracy, Linda , Shelagh, & me). Shelagh and (the late) Peter Gzowski (Photo Credit: CBC) are two of our many favourite radio personalities! We are so addicted to the fine work that CBC produces..especially CBC radio...WAM, radio noon, check up....!!! Pls do visit our site if you can and let us know what the good and the bad is so we can make it better! Take Care!!!
Ps: You can now find us on Facebook too!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

101 reasons to visit Newfoundland and Labrador: Reason 001!

Ok...this is not about clay exactly but it does inspire the artist in everyone. Indian Burying Place is out the bay from King's Point (Pottery) on the Baie Verte Penninsula, Central NL, Canada. A must see's a movie set like ghost town...Newfoundland style a.k.a. a resettled community. Haunting and gorgeous. You can watch the wild hops slowly tearing down the old buildings piece by piece...poetry in motion. Dennis has taken us out every year...whales, eagles, and Indian Burying Place...perfection. Don't just take my word for a globe travelling tourist said to Den after a day out the bay...three words, "best trip ever".