Monday, September 5, 2011

More about the ice (berg) island

Q: Just how big is it?
A: Check out this short video!
It has lakes, rivers and water falls...birds, seals, (no bears that I noticed),.... pieces breaking off all the time, moans and groans... bubbles and towers, ice faces...and of course super duper air conditioning

Petermann icebergs Baie Verte!!

The Petermann ice island "B" in off Seal Cove on the Baie Verte Penninsula in Central Newfoundland, Canada. It is just unbelievable! Special thanks to Carl Osbourne of Seal Cove for arranging the boat tour.

Next door in beautiful Wild Cove harbour is a sizable chunk of the ice island with many iceberg dotting the local waters. Don't delay...go today!!!