Friday, May 8, 2009

C'est fait!!!

The website is officially re-launched as of May 7, 2009...dancing in the streets!!! ( )Huge thanks go out to our web site person David Tilley, (and his web site is ) If anyone is thinking of doing a website or rebuilding one give him a shout and feel free to email me and we can chat much homework for you and your webmaster...LOTS to think about!!! I can't remember when we have been this excited ...not since we met in person Shelagh Rogers from CBC last November at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador's Fine Craft and Design Fair in St John's, NL. (Photo Credit: J. Laaning. From left to right, Tracy, Linda , Shelagh, & me). Shelagh and (the late) Peter Gzowski (Photo Credit: CBC) are two of our many favourite radio personalities! We are so addicted to the fine work that CBC produces..especially CBC radio...WAM, radio noon, check up....!!! Pls do visit our site if you can and let us know what the good and the bad is so we can make it better! Take Care!!!
Ps: You can now find us on Facebook too!!

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