Monday, May 18, 2009

One on One private throwing workshops!

"...No experience necessary but open to playing with mud on the pottery wheel!" As we note on our website ( ) we do offer private one on one throwing workshops. It may not be like the movie segment in "Ghost" but couples do enjoy learning to work on the wheel, making a piece, and decorating it... something that they get to keep as a momento! Yesterday we had two more adventurous types experience making a pot on the pottery wheel...they had a great time...and so did we! I'm going to try and add a video segment to this blog...for the first time so it's no Steven Speliburg movie clip but here is a random (and very unedited) segment of the throwing process from last night and a still image of the creators and their final products! Thanks to M & N (who were staying at the lovely Riverwood Inn ) for letting us take them for a spin...on the wheel!

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