Friday, October 25, 2013

Lark books, Burlington Art Centre, SOFA Chicago...

Lots has happened since our last entry!
1.) Lark books published 500 teapots volume II at the end of the summer. King's Point Pottery is one of the 500 artists. This is our second lark book we were selected for. The first was Plates and Chargers. Thank you to Lark for including us again. We do have both lark books available for purchase at our gallery.

2.) The Burlington Arts Centre, in Ontario currently has a show on until the middle of January 2014 called " Salt Soda and Wood". We are a part of that group show. Thank you to Jonathan Smith for including us in our very first Burlington event. Thank you as well to Gloria Hickey who introduced us to the people at Burlington.

3.) The world famous, SOFA Chicago, USA is on starting November 01, 2013. We applied and were invited on an educational mission to this world's biggest one of a kind (gallery craft) exhibition. There, you could buy for the same price, either a house or a piece of craft...amazing! We are very excited for our first trip to Sofa and Chicago.

(Unfortunately it is on at the very same time as the CCNL  xmas craft fair at the arts and culture centre in St John's, we are missing that wonderful show for the first time in 21 years! But we hope you don't miss the finest craft fair in St John's! 6th to the 10th of November 2013)

There is a whole lot more happening but a bit too early to blog about just yet. We will keep you posted!

Best wishes to all,
David and Linda
King's Point Pottery

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