Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello from King's Point Pottery Newfoundland!

David here (of "Ltd", of the Newfoundland , Canada, team of Linda Yates-Tracy Keats- David Hayashida) time like the present to start a whole new very first 'green'-bay post...I blame ( in a good way) the web marketing pro's at Digital Daisy Inc and Emily Murphy soda gal from Chicago for inspiring me to just try it and see...this blog thing as a tiny start to the huge task of totally updating our website (Http:// ) yes...people tell me it is the new part of having a good site is having things that work with it and this did seem like the easy place to start. But salt/soda firing is what this blog is about so I'll try and drop in the scallop version of one of our "Rocking Slut teapots" and call it a day for my first effort. Hope the image appears! I guess I had better clarify something before I go. The word "Slut" is the newfoundland term for a tin kettle or in 'mainland' speak a teapot. ..and for all the hardcore ceramic types....cone 11 reduction, seawater/soda mixture, stoneware, propane fired...lots of info on salt/soda at ...huff...puff I'm back to finally finish this yet again... the plow just arrived to dig us out from an additional 18 inches...everything buried, again! Maybe just a quick image of me and the cats (Wallie & (grommet?) no actually biscuit (after the type of firing))here in the wee bit of snow.

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  1. Congratulations Linda and David. You have done an excellent job. I linked you on Sunday through my Peyton Barrett blog.
    I realy like the look of your blog