Friday, April 24, 2009

24 April 2009

OM gosh!! they say these days. Yesterday we heard one piece was going to the Unity and Diversity Exhibition at the Canadian Pavilion of the Cheoungju International Biennale in South Korea and today a second piece ...and what a second....assuming all goes is called " The Secret to the Return of the Cod" and I have attached an image of Linda Yates in front of the piece. Not only are we told is it going to Korea but next year it will be heading to the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver Canada!! (Update: May 11th...oops... the final decisions on Vancouver are not completed...time to cross the fingers and toes, eh!) We are over the moon and them some. Thank you to all the selection committees for deciding we had something to offer for the Canadian Show...what an honour!


  1. I saw this in The Rooms - its phenomenal - congratulations!

  2. Well deserved- that piece is amazing!