Saturday, July 30, 2011

King's Point invited to "Matter of Clay III"

What an honour to be invited to this third national ceramics show! There are over 3000 years of accummulated ceramics skills/knowledge represented at this one show (by 102 artists). It really indicates how important a show (of this size) truly is when over half of those showing work will be there in person at the opening..KPP included! What a half decade treat! only happens once every 5 years. Hope to see you there or that you will get to take in the event before it closes.

Canada's largest national ceramics exhibition is Matter of Clay III
open to the public 12 noon August 5th, 2011 and running until September 2, 2011.
Canada, Ontario, London, 258 Dundas Street, Jonathon Brancroft-Snell Gallery! (North America's largest contemporary Ceramic Gallery)
Who: (102 of Canada's finest ceramic artists)
NEWFOUNDLAND&LABRADOR Yates. Linda , Hayashida. David, Weir. Reed
ALBERTA Chalke, John * Chaytor, Katrina (NL) * Manning, Les * Tipton, Barbara * Nipshank, Glen
BRITISH COLUMBIA Birstein, Suzy * Boyd, Bill * Brewer-White, Elaine * Delatour Lepoidevin, Susan * Dexter, Walter * Dyelle, JudiRolland, Laurie * Hutchens, Gordon * Marshall-Inman, Glenys * Mathison, Meira * Merkel, Gary * Michener, SallyNagle Stevenson, Pamela * Fox, Mary * Ngan, Wayne * * Webber, Pat * Weeden,Rogers, Craig Judy * Burgess, AlanBurgess, Meg * Card. Louise * Chinnery, Rachelle * Shigeno, Kinichi * Bowman, Marlene * Jefferson, Cathi
MANITOBA Lacovetsky, Alan * Metcalfe, Valerie * Archambeau, Robert * Dahl. Karen * Nickel, Grace * Stafford, Kevin
NEW BRUNSWICK Blake, Judy * Clark, Lee Horus * Clark, Yolande * Powning, Peter * Emenau, Darren * Thomas, Peter
NOVA SCOTIA Ravindra, Sally * Smith, Jim
ONTARIO Beam, Ann * Brandao, Celia * Campbell. Keith * Cochrane, Bruce * Daymond, Heather * diPetta, AngeloFisher, Marianne * Heinemann, Steve * House, Harlan * Irvine, Steve * Mah, Audrey * Markson, Mayta * Cabri, MimiMichaelson, Carol-Ann * Monostory, Zsuzsa * Mortimer, Ann * Nasr, Dian * O'Young, Kayo * Pratt, BernadetteRon Roy * Rossman, Carol * Wheatley. Joyce * Willoughby, Liz * Cloney, Helen * Roberts, Ann * Beam, AnongShadford, George * Donaldson, Judy * Driver-Kerslake, Heather * Franklin-Clennell, Sheila * Graham, JudithKerslake, Roger * Link, Sarah * Low-Beer, Susan * Creber, Diane * Swain, Chandler * Wilson, Jane
QUEBECFoulem, LĂ©opold L. * Goyer-Bonneau, A & D * Legros-Wise, Enid * Mullavey, Dean * Murray, PaulaSavaria, Lisette * Vicente, Vera* Brouilette, Diane * Killoran, Audrey * Poissant, Gilbert * Savoie, MauriceBaghaeian, Mahmoud * Cotes. Rejean
SASKATCHEWANBolen, Mel * Epp, Carole * Mah, Jeannie * Rocamora, Anita

For more info:

Sorry no images (permitted) just yet...I'll post some images after the show opens after the 5th of August!

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