Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Opening Matter of Clay III

It was a zoo!!!! It is some hard to push people back at a national event...to get a quick shot of work on the opening night! (4,500 sq ft of sensational work!) Thank you to Linda for picking me to go while she slaved away at the studio/shop in King's Point...but next time Linda goes to face the wild crowds! (Maybe one of the reasons it was so very crowded was because of CBC Radio's Mack Furlong of WAM...the Weekend Arts Magazine in NL did a story on this National show! They are so marvellous for getting the message out there to Canadians! http://www.cbc.ca/wam/episodes/2011/07/31/wam-july-30-31-david-hayashida/ )

Here Iam meeting thee Jonathon for the first time of the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery. (Thanks to good friend Peter Schaefer for the pic!)

Finally no crowds...a shot taken after everyone left for the day...wow some of the finest work from all across Canada...what a treat and a half!

Spring, summer, winter, & fall. (Not quite in the perfect order...but still lovely.) Our tea bowls for the four seasons framed with Calvin Yates marine recycled Rattling Brook wharf stick tray on a bed of (uncooked) rice and chop sticks.(...water to cook the meal not included.) Local NL materials used on the surface and a variety of clay bodies used. (click on images for close ups)

Here's a close up of our "Sex on the beach: Nickey's Nose Cove Capelin Basket"
....mating Capelin on the handle and on the feet underside, local Paddy's Brook clay glaze (brown), and a Japanese "lichen" glaze on the exterior...very NL! (..special thanks to Jane Thelwell for the handle supplies and handle advice.)

Part of our "S" series (NL tin kettle series) OR as we call 'em here in Central Newfoundland a "Slut" (yes it is true, check your NL dictionary!) It is the architectural interpretation of our ever expanding "S" series. (FYI: Sheila Clennell (Ontario) has some amazing work (just the very corner of which is in this picture)...I could show you but 'no' I won't spoil it for you as it would be so much better to see them in person!!)

Meeting with other Bronfman nominee's...old friends and wonderfully talented potters (far left Mel Bolen (Saskatchewan) and far right Gordon Hutchens (BC) missing from the photo Bruce Cochrane (Ontario)!

The fabulous work of Reed Weir of NL! Reed had alot of amazing work at the show!!!

The Jonathon gallery front after hours. Thank you to Jonathon and Brian for putting together such an incredible show/event!! Everything is for sale for one month only...so head on over to London, Ontario to see this once every 5 year opportunity to see/buy some of the very finest ceramics from all across Canada. http://www.jonathons.ca/

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