Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate - that's why!

(image: some of the contestants for "who's the best?)

What's the newest gourmet reason visit "King's Point Pottery Fine Crafts and Gifts "this summer? To get in touch with your dark side!!

Over this past year we have been passionately researching dark chocolate around the globe! That included way over $200.00 in (delicious) taste- testing of premium world class chocolate bars. After coming to a truly 'sin'-sational conclusion, we placed the minimum order for our number one choice, $300.00 of a single type of dark chocolate bar. And as of today at 5:oopm island time we finally have the mouth watering winner in stock. What do you have to do, to find out who is the single winner and what does (one of) the world's greatest chocolate taste like?

Two things: Visit the pottery this summer for the usual world class shopping and bring your (decadent summer splurge) $12.00 to experience what took us a year of slaving over hot yet dark / antioxidant / flavonoid / bar after bar of choco-endorphin rush...(tough job but someone had to do it) and over $500.00 dollars to bring to the Island of Newfoundland for the very first time! Call us crazy, but we like to think of it as bit of a public service to the serious chocoholics visiting central Newfoundland this summer!

If you can't visit till late in the summer and are rightfully concerned that we might be out of stock of this "King's Point Exclusive" by can call with your credit card and we will hold one bar until you arrive....sorry only one bar/reservation per person. (709-268-2216 North American)

Will it be "Love at first bite?"

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