Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Have ice but need bigger glass!

A new neighbour just moved into "downtown" King's Point today. Guess who it is. He's tons of fun but can't take the heat. He's 20% 'above board' but 80% mystery. He's 20,ooo years old but very fresh. Well you might have guessed from all the pictures...a lovely fresh water, ...a piece of a Greenland glacier,.... a titanic killer of an iceberg! They are such amazing sculptural (natural) objects...each side is typically a totally different
look. Thanks to Mr. Dennis Burt we can see all the sides of this cool character!

Look the red roof is the pottery in the background!

If you can safely get a piece of stray iceberg ice into a glass of ?????? your favourite beverage it really is a memorable occassion! Fresh water with a heck of a bubbly fizz ...(has been my experience). Cheers!!
(Reason #003 to visit Newfoundland and Labrador!!!)

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  1. Guess we should have planned our trip to King's Point for the month of June. We are from Alberta, and were there on May 7. I would have loved to see the iceberg! We also have a couple of pieces of your pottery now.