Friday, September 11, 2009

It's are invited to show and make a presentation...

It's official, the ceramic artists, Linda Yates and David Hayashida of King's Point, NL, are invited to personally attend the (world's biggest) show, to represent Canada, overseas at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale, CICB in South Korea!! Our Canadian presentation at the 50 nation event will be on 'Ceramic practice across Canada'. We will also be participating in the official Craft Tour of South Korea and a self guided research trip to Japan....we leave in just 3 days!!!

(Image: front of Invitation)
We were notified with just 2 weeks remaining so it has been crazy busy. Thankfully there is some provincial funding but most arts/cultural moneys for this event was cut last federal election. Our giant 12 foot high NL tin kettle 'standing on guard' at the front entrance to the Canadian section would have been next to impossible for anyone but ourselves to we have taken out a loan to pay for the chance to represent our country!

(Image: Back of Invitation)
We have never been over to any part of Asia before so it'll be sooooome interesting! Right now both shoulders are smarting from the shots for going's the pocket book....shots are expensive! The fabulous ceramic artist, Isabella St. John of Blue Moon Pottery, St. John's, NL has work in the show, will be doing her own presentation and will be travelling with us... "t'ree from d' bay."
(Image: Map of South Korea)
So thanks go out to: our many loans officers, the Craft Council of NL, NL Arts Council, ITRD of NL, Canadian Craft Federation, Provincial Craft Councils, CIDP (we hope), Potters across Canada, all our friends, family, colleagues and customers who are helping in a zillion different ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently business cards in the language of the country you are visiting is essential for building new relationships...logical but just another expense. Have a look at our last minute cards..on the left is the one for Japan and on the right our Korean card!!
(Image: Business Cards)
Please keep a sharp look out for our next blog entry with images from the world's biggest craft exhibition and all kinds of once in a life time Asia inspiration!! Thanks everyone...wish us luck!

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