Monday, April 2, 2012

Back from NCECA Seattle, USA

You're unbelievable...It's pure GOLD for a ceramic artist building up their business. Imagine 5,000 +delegates, 190+ ceramic exhibitions, 173 resource booths,..well over 5,000 images taken.

The top 5...

1.) We have now identified 6 USA exhibitions we will be applying to this year.

2.) Learned a innovative approach to firing... hands on at Pottery one of just 12 students... from the world's most famous soda artist, Gail Nichols of Australia.
(Thanks to go out to Fedex and their other shippers for getting our pots for the soda firing, to the workshop on time, right across the continent (town by town by town as shown in the previous post) , across the border and yes all in one piece!...we are now patiently awaiting the pots to return from Seattle to King's Point Pottery by...Fedex and friends!)

3.) Learned first hand in a small preconference workshop, a new way of making tea pots from one of our most favourite British potter's, Walter Keeler.

4.) Learned about a brand new (space age) ceramic canvas material from Canada's first Bronfman Award Winner, Robin Hopper.

5.) Made a lot of new friends and caught up with old friends...learning all we could about the international world of ceramics and telling them about NL.

To say we are very fortunate does not come even close to the mark. We are hugely grateful to our Craft Industry Development Program, CIDP run by the provincial craft division of IBRD, ACOA and the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, CCNL; our family; our friends; colleagues and customers. They all in varying degrees make it possible for us to continue to put our best foot forward here at King's Point Pottery.
Many thanks to all of the above!

David Hayashida & Linda Yates
King's Point Pottery

... and more exciting news to follow very shortly!

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