Monday, April 30, 2012

Off on a LARK....books that, hopefully...

I was right there, in Asheville NC, USA, a few years back, the home of Lark Books who are known around the world for their 500 series on craft books. While it was not a big memorable space, was a place I'll never forget in terms of craft literature! Anyways... they just had a call for submissions for a new "500 teapots" that just closed. Unfortunately, we won't know for months if none, one.. or any of our four submissions will be included in their newest book. But having been in their 2008 book "500 plates and chargers"...we have our fingers and toes crossed for continued success in this next 500 series!

(Oh and the yellow teapot shown above...not ours..but I'd hit "like" for sure!)
(Photo credit: Lark Books)

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